About the Reserve

Satpura Tiger Reserve is a habitat of 52 species of Mammals, 31 of Reptiles and 300 species of birds, out of which 14 are endangered. STR also a habitat of arboreal mammals like Flying Squirrel, Indian Giant Squirrel and Leaf nosed bats. Eurasian Otter and Smooth coated Otter are also found here. It is a unique park of M.P where pollution free activities like cycling, canoeing and trekking are allowed.

General information
  • Core: 1339.26 Sq Km
  • Buffer: 794.04 Sq Km
  • Total: 2133.30 Sq Km
Satpura Tiger Reserve
Hosangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Office: 07574-254394, Fax: 07574-252133,
E-mail: ddsatnp.hbd@mp.gov.in/dirsatpuranp@mp.gov.in
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Satpura Tiger Reserve Located in the south of the river Narmada, The forest of the Satpura ranges are rich in biodiversity and are inhabited by many endangered species. Keeping this specialty in mind, Satpura Tiger Reserve was declared as the first biosphere reserve of Madhya Pradesh in the year 1999. The high ranges of the Pachmarhi plateau are covered by Sal forests, whereas dense teak forests are spread over its lower hill ranges. Here, 26 species of Himalayan region and 42 species of Nilgiri areas are found. due to which Satpura Tiger Reserve also known as the northern extremity of Western Ghats.
  • This large land is an important habitat for the protection of tiger. This area is home to almost 14 endangered species, among which Giant Squirrel, Indian Skimmer, Black Bellied Tern, Leaf-nosed Bat, etc. are the specialty of area. More than 300 species of birds found here, including Malaba Pied Hornbill, Malabar Whistling Thrush and Madhya Pradesh's state bird Paradise Flycatcher (Doodhraj). Apart from this, migratory birds such as Bar-headed Geese, Pintails, Spot-bills, spoon-bills, etc. also appear in large groups during the autumn. Eurasian otter has also been seen here in the past.
  • Best Time to visit
  • The best time to visit the Reserve is 15 October to 30 June. Pachmari is open throughout the year for Tourist.

Tourism Zone & Carrying Capacity

  • Madhai- Only 30 vehicles are permitted to enter this core zone per day, including the morning and late-afternoon drives. Ecotourism activities except vehicle safari include elephant ride, boat ride, canoeing and trekking.
  • Churna- In Churna zone, tourists can take their own pollution free, four-wheeled vehicle capable of going through the rough forest terrain.
  • Jamanidev, Parsapani- These buffer zones (near Madhai) of the tiger reserve can be visited through safaris by private vehicles. 14 vehicles in the morning and 14 in the afternoon are permitted to enter these zones.
  • Pachmari- This is a hill station containing waterfalls and some beautiful viewpoints, all of which can be reached by privately owned vehicles.
  • Weather

Satpura being situated in Central India is subjected to extreme and tropical weather. Temperature in and around Pachmarhi plateau is generally lower than the plains. Monsoon arrives in the end of June and rainfall in Pachmarhi is much higher than the rest of district.

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min (°C) 4 8 22 30 34 35 32 30 28 32 22 18
Max (°C) 16 22 33 40 42 44 40 33 33 38 32 25


  • Accommodation available with Park Management
There are 3 forest rest houses at Pachmarhi, 2 at Churna and 1 at Madhai each with double bedrooms. These rooms can be booked through the Satpura Tiger Reserve office. Accommodation can be booked in advanced during the office hours (1030-1730 hrs) over phone (+917574-254394), fax (+917574-252133) & email (ddsatnp.hbd@mp.gov.in & fdsatnp.hbd@mp.gov.in) The right of reservation remains with the Field Director, Satpura Tiger Reserve.
In special circumstances, the reservation of tourist can be cancelled in the interest of forest and wildlife protection or in case of tours of VIP's like Honorable High Court Judges / District Court Judges, Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary, Secretaries, Head of the Departments, Ministers etc. The cancellation information will be given to the concerned person on telephone as soon as possible. In such cases either the reservation will be adjusted in other dates or the advance fees will be refunded. The fees will not be refunded if the tourist cancels his reservation.
  • Private Accomodation
Private Hotels are also present near Gates which can be booked by the Tourists by contacting the respective Hotel Owners.

Connectivity & Distances

Nearest Airports: Bhopal, Jabalpur, Nagpur
Nearest Railway Stations: Pipariya, Itarsi.
There are five tourist gates - Panaarpani Gate(Pachmarhi), Madhai, Bheemkund Gate(Churna), Jamanidev, Parsapani

  • Panaarpani Gate(Pachmarhi)

Bhopal - Pachmari- 210 Km
Jabalpur - Pachmari (Via Pipariya) - 241 Km
Nagpur - Pachmari (Via Chhindwara) - 259 Km

  • Madai Gate

Bhopal - Madai (Via Hosangabad, Sohagpur) - 140 Km
Nagpur – Madai (Via Chhindwara, Pipariya) – 300 Km

  • Bheemkund Gate(Churna)

Itarsi – Churna – 65 Km
Bhopal- Churna (Via Itarsi)- 106 Km

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